Bring vulture funds into line, Fianna Fáil says

The Finance minister paschal donohoe says a Fianna Fil bill to protect mortgage holders against vulture funds may need considerable redrafting. Mr Donohoe said the Government would support the.

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New laws giving the Central Bank powers to "turn up at the door" of vulture funds will mark a "seismic shift", Fianna Fil has claimed. The legislation is expected to progress through the Dil.

Varadkar says he’s reluctant to use the term ‘vulture fund’ to describe firms that have bought up Irish mortgages Varadkar says he tried to remove split mortgage-holders from recent loan book.

For instance, the Irish Green Party has been wiped out after it supported a centre-right Fianna Fail government that. forced the Green-led council into some awkward positions. An attempt to bring.

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Bring vulture funds into line, Fianna Fil says. Fianna Fil finance spokesman said the suitability of the "entire regulatory system" concerning private equity funds had been called into.

The vulture funds may have operated in areas as diverse as Detroit in the US and Putin’s Russia without an ounce of trouble but taking on the family farm in rural Ireland will leave them.

World of Politics with Harry McGee – Vulture Funds; even the name is kind of sinister. Just above ‘public executioner’ and ‘common criminal’ in our societal hierarchy. This week, it was disclosed that Permanent TSB is moving to shift some of its non-performing loan books to the markets.

Fianna Fil Spokesperson on Finance Michael McGrath TD says a fianna fil private members‘ bill, which will bring so called ‘vulture funds’ within the full suite of Central Bank regulation, is needed more than ever, following a ramping up in recent times of loan sales by banks to foreign owned private equity funds.

Vulture funds will be hit with regulations, insists minister.. proposals from Fianna Fil, which will see vulture funds brought under the remit of the Central Bank.. step" to bring vulture.