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As soon as you _ (finish) your study I_ (present) you with a new flat. 2. Put the verb in the brackets in the correct tense to form the First Conditional. If you don’t stop talking, the teacher. 8. Answer the questions in conditional 1. What will you do.

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Wellness is a term that is often defined as the ability to meet daily challenges and adapt to change. It is a complex state composed of aspects of physical, emotional, and intellectual health, as well as a number of other factors. Some of the aspects of wellness can be supplied by someone else.

4) The teacher has been correcting essays for three hours. 2. put the verbs in brackets into the correct present form. – Yes, but I soon got used to it. 3. Underline the correct tense. 1) The shop had sold the table by the time I got there. Call me back as soon as you get in. I’ll wait until I hear from you.

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32. I think cycling is more dangerous _driving. A) as B) like C) than. 33. We_going to the theatre next Saturday. A) are B) will C) do. 34. _____meet for coffee some time soon. A) do you B) lets C) shall they. 35. Kamal has got a holiday home near _sea.

(Switch on a lamp as soon as your alarm goes off. but there’s little evidence to back up this claim. For exercise, it’s probably more like six weeks, says Rebecca Woll, manager of personal training.

Teachers touch our lives in a way that no one else can. Here is a list of get well soon messages for your teachers that will help convey the true meaning of The substitute teacher isn’t doing her best as amazing as you did, because there is no teacher as amazing as you. We all hope you get well soon.