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In the digital marketing community, the digital marketing space is a prime ground to be data-driven as a culture. But we first must embrace business intelligence. So again just as a recap, the problems are, most of us aren’t data-driven. We’re tracking the wrong metrics, and we’re way too ambiguous when we’re talking about our goals.

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B2B digital marketing is still struggling with acceptance within traditional sales-focused organizations. The most often quoted reason – attribution. Amongst the main assumptions here, two are to blame for why only 33% of b2b companies report seeing value in digital marketing. The assumption that sales is fully attributable to the closing sales.

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Business model illustrates the path from the company’s business strategy to company performance. on retention metrics. Integrate your data silos to get a comprehensive picture of each customer..

Digital marketing – using new digital tools and techniques to segment, target and market to a broad audience. Pipeline Generation – covering a broad territory working with the sales and marketing team to create a plan that gives good coverage and return of investment and focus on high potential markets.

Evolving with the modern enterprise. marketers know how difficult it can be to retrieve their own first-party data from behind proprietary vendor firewalls, which produce islands of data. With enterprise tag management, marketing retains ownership of data as a cornerstone in building a 360-degree view of the customer.

Unleashing the Power of Marketing. The result was a marketing framework for the entire company along three dimensions: principles (creating a common language and standards), people (getting the right leaders in place), and process (including very specific measures for grading performance).

Unleash the power of projection mapping to create an immersive experience projection mapping is a technology that is used to turn common objects into interactive 3D displays. This technology is immensely useful in events when you need to make your audiences feel like they are in a completely different environment.

Big data and a. Predictable Magic: Unleash the Power of Design Strategy to Transform Your Business and she consults for corporate clients and startups. Prahalad mentors leading social entrepreneurs.