VA Home Loan Myth Debunked!

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VA Loan Myths – Debunked. California is home to the most active duty and prior military Veterans of any state and yet, our beautiful state ranks 34th in the percentage of Veterans using their VA. Here is an example of what this means in numbers. Virginia has 726,740 Veterans and 170,190 active VA loans.

The Ultimate Truth about Housing Affordability  · The Ultimate Truth about Housing Affordability Posted by J. Kent Erickson on May 31, 2019 in Mortgage & Finances , Real Estate Market | 0 comments There have been many headlines decrying an “affordability crisis” in the residential real estate market.

Debunking the VA Privatization Myth. April 13, 2018. There is no effort underway to privatize VA, and to suggest otherwise is completely false and a red herring designed to distract and avoid honest debate on the real issues surrounding Veterans’ health care.

VA home loans are designed to help people climb the social ladder after serving their country. Many people know that these loans can dramatically improve conventional mortgage offers for veterans. Sadly, there are just as many consumers who get caught up in the misinformation surrounding mortgage assistance.

Home sellers and their agents may be limiting their potential base of buyers by ignoring a growing pool of them. Mortgage industry software company Ellie Mae reports that loans acquired through the.

You may qualify for one of many mortgage options, down payment assistance, or affordability programs once you know what’s fact and what’s not about the mortgage process and products. Here are a few common myths we’ve debunked to help you get started. Myth #1: Find a home first, then worry about financing.

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Myth #3: You must have a perfect credit score to get a VA loan. Fact: VA loans have relatively easy credit requirements. In many cases, you can get a VA home loan if you have an average or low credit score, and in fact, you can even get a VA home loan if you have experienced foreclosure or bankruptcy before!

Common VA Home loan myths debunked. Myth 1: I need a perfect credit score to qualify for a VA home loan. This is one of the most common VA home loan myths out there. Similar to Conventional and FHA loans, lenders are looking for a 620 or higher credit score, which is quite a bit lower than the.

MYTH: VA loans are risky because they do not require a down payment. Truth: VA loans have the lowest default rate on the market. Because the VA uses a different approach to qualifying borrowers for a loan, they are able to determine who would and who would not make a good candidate for a home loan.