Should a Reverse Mortgage Be Part of My Retirement Plan?

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Strategies for Using a Reverse Mortgage in Your Retirement Plan. Did you know that a reverse mortgage could potentially be a valuable part of your overall retirement plan? While reverse mortgages may not work for everyone, many senior homeowners can benefit from the program, particularly when it comes to incorporating their home equity into.

Delay using retirement savings: As you use money from a reverse mortgage to pay for expenses, you can keep other funds in stocks and other investments that appreciate in value over time. Along that same vein, you might be able to hold off on collecting Social Security benefits by living off the HECM loan.

I recently spent time with my mother, who is 67 and is planning on. Tell your mom you’re worried about her retirement plans and ask when she can set aside time to talk. As part of the.

6. Fact: Timing when to get a reverse mortgage can mean more money for you. When there are low interest rates and high housing prices, it can be a good time to get a reverse mortgage. However, the decision to get a reverse mortgage should be part of your lifelong financial plan and not be done on a whim. 7. Fact: Reverse mortgage TV ads are.

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A reverse mortgage may be a smart-and possibly the only-financial move you can make if you’re woefully underfunded for retirement and need the extra cash flow. You also may consider a reverse mortgage to satisfy a debt that eats into your monthly income, or use it as a potential hedge if the economy turns.

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It’s probably taken years of hard work to accumulate your home equity and taking out a reverse mortgage means spending a significant part of that equity on. You Don’t Plan to Move You should plan.

Should a Reverse Mortgage Be Part of My Retirement Plan? If you’ve got a fair amount of equity in your home and no other way to cover a healthcare cost or if the bills are coming in faster than your retirement accounts can manage, it might be time to consider a reverse mortgage.

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